Insólita Jardín

Insólita Jardín de Cactus


Our Singular Experience in the Cactus Garden invites you to discover all there is to know about Cesar Manrique’s last great appearance in Lanzarote, on this guided tour for exclusive groups.

We want you to see this inspiring place through the eyes of an artist. A place of great beauty, where the love of art meets the love of nature and environment, featuring the fine blend of language and artistic techniques used by Manrique, and which he himself called “total art”: spatial participation, public art, gardening, design, painting, sculpture …

We will also find out details and anecdotes about the construction of the centre, as well as its historic and ethnic links with the nearby village of Guatiza, which is surrounded by prickly pear farms, used to cultivate cochineale for natural dyes and which became an important economic vehicle for Lanzarote from the end of the XIX century.

Finally, and as a tribute to our senses, we will enjoy an aperitif with snacks made from local products and special dishes made from several kinds of prickly pear.


What is included?


  • Guided tour in Spanish and English.
  • Small groups
  • Access to the center outside of opening hours.
  • Aperitif tasting with local products and Lanzarote wine.

Visiting time: 1 hour approximately.

Insólita Jardín de Cactus

30.00 EUR
15.00 EUR
24.00 EUR
12.00 EUR
0.00 EUR
For tickets with a discount, you must present the supporting documentation at the box office of the center.
IGIC included.